Affiliate Management

Affiliate Management

The relationship between an advertiser, publisher and customer lies at the centre of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing describes a form of online advertising that involves rewarding an affiliate for referring a visitor or rewarding a customer for executing a desired call to action. In a way, Affiliate Marketing can be regarded as free publicity for your page—a network of related websites directing customers to engage with yours.

Affiliate campaigns have the best results when they are combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns, email marketing support and can be  well-managed in travel, retail and services industries with their timely research process / large-volume sales.

Effective Affiliate Marketing is not throwing a bunch of links at different websites hoping that at least one will stick. It is a well-planned, detailed effort intended to develop long-term relationships with third party websites, evaluate industry-relevant websites with trusted pages and build up a valuable affiliate network for your website that will bring in qualitative, converted traffic.

Successful Affiliate Marketing entails certain business traits, one of which is the capability to be flexible with commission values during sales decline.


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Our Affiliate management team can establish a clear vision of your brand, proposition and products to help you outperform your competitors. We possess the technical and strategic experience necessary to connect you with multiple networks, verticals and publishers most suitable for you while delivering optimal placements and generating volumes of genuine sales.

It is essential to maintain a trusting relationship with your affiliate sites by making sure you pay the commission within the agreed-upon deadline. We believe that a strong relationship with your affiliates spells a successful campaign with their trust in your brand. Our experts understand this and use innovative strategies to build relationships with other top affiliates to boost your sales and leads within a performance-based model.

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