Real Estate

An ever-growing market, Real Estate in India is now at the mercy of netizens who storm the web to discover their ideal home. The industry, moreover, is crippled when it comes to creating product awareness and outreach due to ‘marketing disconnect’, a continual challenge in this ‘always online’ era. This combined with overestimated ad spend, disproportionate conversions, poorly balanced demand-supply chain construe an irreversible brand identity.
In order to succeed and sustain, real estate firms need to transform their marketing efforts that truly resonate with each and every potential buyer.
We, at GlobaLocal Digital, design a Human to Human (H2H) marketing campaign established on conversion perspective that nullifies

Web Design and Development

Engage with target buyers on a cost-effective, user- and platform-friendly website that produces substantial lead generation and conversion rate through:

●       Content Marketing

●       Web Design tools

●       Mobile Marketing

●       Digital Consultancy

Online Marketing

Build an emotional bond with target buyers on their preferred social channel, conduct effectual vertical search engine marketing, initiate online campaigns with decisive call to actions through

●       Search Engine Optimization

●       Social Media Marketing

●       Email Marketing

●       Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

Sales Optimization

Implement a campaign customized according to research-based insights, micro and macro-economic market influences, industry competitors, market demand and trends through:

●       Conversion Rate Optimization

●       Online Presence Analysis

●       Affiliate Management